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The new Directory Builder has been enhance to increase your link popularity and improve your search engine optimisation (SEO) development.

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Frequently asked questions...

We are listing the most obvious questions here as they arise. If you have a question not covered please ask it through our contact form.

Is this really free?
Yes, 33Z Free Directories are completely free. Sounds like an imperceptive question, but it’s here because we keep getting asked it!

How would this help my existing web site?
Simplest way to find this out is to do a search for ‘link building’.  And remember, the more relevant your directory is to your web site/business, even though listing your competitors feels wrong, the better.

What do I have to do?
Initially you build the Directory by adding new posts through your Editor Login. The actual link, a Title for the listing and a brief description.  Write the listing yourself, don’t be tempted to copy it, the more unique content you have the better. Copied content not only infringes copyright laws, but can affect the directories effectiveness. Once the directory is established your role changes to validating ‘suggest a site’ submissions.

Can I add pictures/logos to my listings?
Yes. We will advise you of the specifications which best suit your directory.

Can I have my own text/information pages?
Yes and we recommend you do. The more unique content the better! We will help and advice at every stage.

Do I have to have ads on my Directory?
No. However the advertising pays for the Free Directory’s construction, development and any resources it uses. Without any form of advertising the Directory is no longer free and classed as a  White Label Directory.

What is a White Label Directory?
White Label simple means the directory has no advertising what so ever and has none of our branding. This is not a free service, the construction, development and resources are chargeable. Contact us for details and pricing.

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