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The new Directory Builder has been enhance to increase your link popularity and improve your search engine optimisation (SEO) development.

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Here you’ll find details on how the Directory Builder works and what each function does.

Suggest a Site

The Suggest a Site feature is a very important feature of our directories, by using this link users of the site are able to make suggestions of relevant sites that they feel you may want to list on your directory. When they click on the Suggest a Site link they will be taken to a web form which they must complete in order for the site to be considered by the editor of the directory. The editor would receive an email informing them of the site submission at which point they would have the choice of either adding or deleting the proposed website link.

Editor Login

You will find the Editor Login link at the bottom of any page on your directory, simply click it and then enter your username and password and you will then be logged into the directory where you will have several features available to you in the Editor menu:

·         New Post – Clicking this will show you the Create New Post Form, which is the same form that users who click the Suggest a Site link see, and by filling out the form you can add posts yourself to the directory.

·         Clear Server Cache- By clicking this, the SiteBuilder will rebuild all of the pages within the directory so any search engines will view them as new pages.

·         Delete Page- This option allows you to completely remove a page from your directory, so be sure that is what you want to do before clicking this option as it cannot be undone.

·         Edit Page – Clicking this will allow you to edit the page, changing existing text/images or adding new.

·         Block Web Access – Clicking this will prevent the page from being visible on the Internet, which can be useful for pages that you have created but haven’t put any content onto yet.

·         Allow Web Access – You will see this option only if you have previously blocked web access and by clicking it will make the page visible to anyone on the Internet.

·         Category Here- This option allows you to create a new category; if you want a subsection of an already existing category then you have to be on the category page that you want the new category to be in.

·         Rename Category- This option allows you to rename any of your categories.

·         Log Off- Clicking this will log you off and then you will only see what any user of the site sees.

New Post Form

When clicking on the New Post button the editor will be presented with the Create New Post form which has several fields which can be filled out although only the fields marked with a red asterix need be completed by the editor. Firstly you would need to check the Category: to make sure you are posting your listing or adding your page to the relevant category.

·         Post Reference – This will be automatically generated by the SiteBuilder and will give the post its own unique identity.

·         New Category – Leave this blank, this is for use by anybody else that is submitting a listing and wants the editor to consider adding a new category that is maybe more relevant for the listing they are submitting.

·         Reciprocal Link – If you are adding a reciprocal link listing to your directory you should put the link to the reciprocal link partner in this field. * Remember to select Reciprocal Link Partner from the Select This Link Type dropdown menu at the bottom of the form.

·         Target link – This field is mandatory and is where you place the full URL of the webpage that you want your visitors to be taken to.

·         Title of Listing – This field is also mandatory. Here you would write a short but concise title which best describes the site that your visitors will see.

·         E-mail Address – This field is only for use by anyone submitting a link to the directory, which would allow the editor to contact the person who made the submission if it was necessary.

·         Starting Date – This field only needs to be filled in if the listing being entered has a time limit for instance a site is being listed that has a special offer on which begins on a specific date.

·         Ending Date – Again this only needs to be completed when the listing has a time limit, you would enter the ending date of the site with the promotion which is time limited.

·         Description of Listing – This is where you write an informative description of the website the user will be taken to. There is a limit of 300 characters and the form does not allow any HTML code.

·         Message to Editor – This is for use by those submitting any listings to enable them to send a specific message to the editor which could assist the editor when making a decision whether to add the submission or not.

·         Terms Agreement – This is marked in red and only needs to be ticked by anyone other than the editor making a site submission.

·         Select This Link Type – This is very important and will affect how the listing is displayed on the directory and how the user will be directed to the target site. There are 5 options here:

1.       Non Reciprocating Link – This is the type of link that is used most often.  You would use this type when you are linking to a site that is not linking back to your directory.

2.       Reciprocating Link Partner – Select this type of link when the site you are linking to is linking back to your website.

3.       Editor Recommendation – Choose this option if it is a personal recommendation from the editor. The link will then show at the top of the page clearly marked as an editor’s recommendation.

4.       Editor Editorial – This is a useful option which allows you to create a table of text on a directory page.

5.       Page Sponsorship – Select this option when you have a sponsor for the page.

6.       Other Categories Listing – This is a very useful feature which can be used to create a clickable link to another category within your directory which has relevant information or listings within it. The only information needed here is the full path to the category that you wish to link to, which you place in the Target Link on the submission form before selecting Other Categories Listing from the Select This Link Type set of options and then submitting.

The only thing that then remains to be done is to simply click the SubmitME button and the listing will appear on your page within the category that you were in. Should you realise after viewing it that you have made a mistake all you need to do is to be logged in and you will see three options below the listing, select Edit Listing beneath the listing in question and it will take you back to the form that it was originally submitted on where you can make any necessary changes and then at the very bottom of the page select Update this post and then click the SubmitME button and any changes you made will have now taken affect.

If you want to delete an entry you have made to your directory page, firstly make sure you are logged in and then below the listing you wish to delete click on the Edit Listing and then scroll down to the bottom of the form and select Delete this post and then click the SubmitME button. This option is permanent so be sure that is what you want to do before submitting it.


Another great feature of our directories is that you can upload an image which will be placed to the right hand side of the Title of Listing and description text of any directory listings. We would recommend that you do not use images with a width over 200 pixels due to the structure of our directory software. You should also try to ensure that the height of the image is not too great otherwise you may create unwanted space on your directory pages and it will not look very professional.  Your directory pages with images will look far more impressive if you keep all your images to the same width and tailor the height to match the amount of text you have in your descriptions.

To add your images firstly make sure they are in either JPG or GIF format as our directory software will not accept any other format other than those for the images. Again, make sure you are logged in and can see the editor’s options, then select the Edit Image option underneath the directory listing that you want to add an image to and you get a popup box appear which allows you to browse your computer for your image file, once selected click the Upload button and you should then see a message telling you that the file was uploaded successfully and a preview of the image that you just uploaded. Close the image popup window and check your directory page and you should now see your image on the listing page after refreshing the page. If your image does not appear as you expected and you wish to delete it you repeat the above steps until you get the popup window at which point you simply click the Delete button which will then delete your image from the page and the server. You can then either resize your image to adjust how it appeared or use a different image altogether to upload as described above.  Be sure to delete an existing image first before trying to replace it.

Link To Us

This option is visible to any user of the site and if clicked will take the user to the Links page of the directory. Here you will find the linking code which can be used by anybody that wishes to link to the directory.

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